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Build fast and launch faster with Hypi's serverless development platform.

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Fast, Simple and Flexible. Giving you complete control when needed.

Hypi is a low-code serverless development platform for building data-driven applications.

Define GraphQL data models for your apps. Model any complexity in a succinct and intuitive format.
Publish your app to have a production-ready API enabling you to create, read, update, delete and trash data via a GraphQL API.
Extend the generated CRUD API by adding custom GraphQL queries and mutations to your app's APIs
Build fast, launch faster

Build scalable, data-driven applications.

Use GraphQL data models to declare and define apps that generates an instantCloud GraphQL API. Hypi provides sensible defaults while allowing you to stay in control. If the generated API isn't enough, you can define your own and connect them to external services or serverless functions.
More than an API

Everything you need to build your next

A powerful suite of features to help you build fast and functional apps, Hypi is perfect for building data-driven applications of any kind. You can generate scalable API in a few simple steps. Software development that's hassle free!

Create an app

The core of Hypi is an app. Treat it like a micro-service you don't have to build or worry about, Hypi creates a stable, secure and scalable API that grows when you do.

Create a release

Once you have created an app, you can create and manage one or more release versions. These releases let you innovate and iterate without affecting production!

Create instances

Publish a release into an accessible API. Instance, data will be isolated by default. Integrate different versions of your UI with different releases or license an instance to various clients.
Build on a strong foundation

Build production-ready applications

You design your app's data model and Hypi gives you a scalable production ready API. Hypi can be the A in your JAM stack

  • Secure to the core!
    Fine-grained permissions enabling protection of resources, scopes or entire types, combine one or more authorisation policies, account, role, groups and more policies built into Hypi.
  • Software reuse
    Build features into their own apps and share and reuse these features through Hypi app dependencies. Any two apps can depend on each other, automatically inheriting features of dependencies.
  • Encryption
    Hypi encrypts all your app's data both in transit and at rest with industry standard technologies.
  • API Shield
    Use API as an API gateway to protect existing API and services with Hypi's powerful authorisation capabilities without modifying existing infrastructure.
  • Multi-tenant
    Create and license multiple instances of your app to one or more clients with no additional effort!
  • Cloud Billing
    Simple, fair and affordable billing that only grows if you do. Pay only for what you use. Apps are billed per GB of data used.
  • Interoperable, connect the web!

    Every Hypi app is automatically interoperable with each other. What's more, they're interoperable with external services.

    Integrate with external APIs and expose or control access to them as if they were native Hypi app. Perfect for integrating legacy systems, connecting multi-cloud services or modernising existing infrastructure
  • Index & Search

    Annotate your app's GraphQL models to tell Hypi how you'd like it to index your app's data. An app can then search using a powerful SQL-like query language. Grouping, sorting, pagination, boolean logic and more!
  • Monitoring & Logging

    Monitoring an app is an essential part of any production deployment. Every Hypi app has monitoring built in.

    Get insights about usage of your app's API from each instance's dashboard.Capture and report log messages that can be used to trace and debug issues.
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They use Hypi to create great applications.

A wealth of features and options makes Hypi perfect for building applications for small, medium and large businesses. Design your app's data model and Hypi gives you a scalable production ready API.
Karen Hovhannisyan
Founder, BeeWeb
Hypi is a massive time saver. A great platform to build on and still retain complete control. Who knew software development could be this simple!

You'll be in good company.

Hypi have combined some of the most powerful technologies, to offer more features to help you build fast and functional apps. Hypi is perfect for building applications of almost any kind.

Some of our technologies

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Combine technologies from Hypi's platform and create a scalable application at lightning speed, adaptive technologies at your fingertips
“Mason360's adopted Hypi to deliver our 360 image and video solutions and we haven't looked back. Being able to rapidly iterate and integrate cutting edge technology has been instrumental in keeping us ahead of our competition.”
Kevin Mason
Founder, Mason360